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Intentions of The Herd:

What is the purpose of this newsletter?

1) to update you on some of my poetry endeavors. 

2) to build connections with each other and celebrate artistic expression.

3) to elevate fellow humans, writers, changers, and community-builders in The Herd. 

Cool! But specificallylikewhat is this newsletter?

1) Writing prompts, literature reviews, poetry workshop updates, “creativity crushes,” and more.

2) An experiment to build an online creativity group, aka, The Herd.

3) An email to look forward to, once a month. 

You can unsubscribe below, or at any time. If the above intentions feel good for you, then welcome! I look forward to sharing this space with you. 


Creativity Crush:

Emily Nadel is “inspired by the everyday.

Artist Emily Nadelis beading her days into brilliant colors and patterns. The fellow Herd member admits that she loves “making things, but creating is often the first thing I drop when there is a lot going on.” How do artists keep their creative fires alive during busy times? Emily has some ideas. 

When too busy to bead, Emily gathers ideas about colors and textures she’d like to use. When less busy, she takes her materials to create outside. You can follow Emily’s art, buy a sweet pair of earrings, and connect here


How to nominate a “Creativity Crush.

It’s easy! To nominate a “Creativity Crush” for the next newsletter, email me at stories@allierigby.com. 

Anyone who receives The Herd can get this shout-out. If you’d like to nominate someone you know, please ask them to subscribe too! This will keep the impact of our creative community growing.



Writing Prompt:

La Cucaracha: 10-minute prompt

I opened a book about cockroaches the other day. I struggle to appreciate these insects, but I did learn that they can sing—just like crickets—by rubbing their legs or wings together. Sometimes they do this just for the sake of creating sounds, while other times they want to attract a mate. For this prompt, take 10 minutes (or more) to write about an insect that also has a secret talent. What does it do? Do other species appreciate this talent or is the insect misunderstood? 

For example, I could write about a termite that makes the best cupcakes and needs a new space for their kitchen, or a dragonfly that’s the #1 figure skater in their pond.

TipTime yourself for 10 minutes. It may seem excruciatingly long, or conversely, like not enough time. Commit to 10 minutes and see what happens.


Quick Lit Review:

Ross Gay offers “the small joys” in his latest.

In The Book of Delights, poet Ross Gay records “the small joys […] that we often overlook in our busy lives.” 

He wrote this genre-bending collection in one year, and a tough year at that. As a black man in America, Gay celebrates life, and also examines the reality of racial inequality in America. On every page, Gay carves space for gratitude. You can watch him read from the collection here. The clip offers two poems, including one about carrying a tomato onboard.




Spaces in “Writing the Self Wild” workshop.

There are still a few spaces available in the writing workshop on October 20th! For this all-day event, we will get to release the pressure sometimes associated with writing. Instead, we will enjoy our day together and indulge the naturally curious and creative self. 

We will be outside for most of the day, with shade and sun options. Please bring warm layers. Click herefor details about the workshop.




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c. August 2019

Allie Rigby