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“Summered Cantaloupe,” (excerpt)

There is a woman swinging ax

near the stickered basketball

hoop, laughing in strings. She

frays the white twine, desires

less junk blocking cars. Her

slept hounds ignore graveled

squeaks where frog-bellied

teenagers skip rope like dogs.  

The complete version of this poem is currently in the submission process.

“Little Mouse Tails” (excerpt)

I used to crave fir pinecones, soft duff

little mouse tails thinking themselves safe

and unseen by hungry eyes. When it wasn’t

enough to fill the furrowed aches, I clawed

sands of Tomales, laughed at oysters who

mistook their underwater worlds for air

until I grew

very tired

of my hissing.

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Breathing on land is not easy. I say I was born a fish.
— Allie Rigby, "Burnt Rice is Good for You"
It was a day to sweat. Bags of bird seed slumped on the gravel driveway, like pregnant women.
— -Allie Rigby, "Summered Cantaloupe"


2019 Issue of Manzano Mountain Review: “Snap Once If You Can Hear Me,” “Snap Twice,” “Snap Three Times.”

2019 Winter Issue of Open Ceilings: “Allergies,” “Zyrtec.” UC Davis: Mechanisms Press.

2019 Literary Anthology The Kerf Seeks: “If Hope is the Thing with Feathers,” “The White Orchid.”

2019 Cholla Needles 30: “The Cat Named Olive,” “Apnea,” ”Appendix,” “Ghost Appendix.”

2019 April Issue (Year IV, Number 23) of Adelaide Literary Magazine: “Bones,” “sea slug,” “When It’s Gone,” “Honey Jars,” “The Artist.”

2019 Cholla Needles 26: “Flooded,” “My Chap,” “Unstuck,” The Santa Ana’s,” “What It Wasn’t Like.”



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