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So we grew. We praised and mourned grizzly ghosts. Mom gardened like the grizzlies. They, the bears, cut chamise tunnels like moles cut dirt. My Mom liked dirt, still does.
— Allie Rigby, "In Grizzly Dirt, We Say"
It was a day to sweat. Bags of bird seed slumped on the gravel driveway, like pregnant women.
— -Allie Rigby, "Summered Cantaloupe"

Why Creativity Matters: thoughts from The Herd

BrighterSound asked six musicians why they think creativity matters. This video captures the bigger questions. Why do we create anything in the arts? Does it “do anything?”

What is expressed in this video also applies to the role of creativity in poetry. I hope you get something out of this video. I know I did.

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“Summered Cantaloupe,” (excerpt)

There is a woman swinging ax

near the stickered basketball

hoop, laughing in strings. She

frays the white twine, desires

less junk blocking cars. Her

slept hounds ignore graveled

squeaks where frog-bellied

teenagers skip rope like dogs.  

The complete version of this poem is currently in the submission process.

“Little Mouse Tails” (excerpt)

I used to crave fir pinecones, soft duff

little mouse tails thinking themselves safe

and unseen by hungry eyes. When it wasn’t

enough to fill the furrowed aches, I clawed

sands of Tomales, laughed at oysters who

mistook their underwater worlds for air

until I grew

very tired

of my hissing.


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No! Everyone is welcome to subscribe. My aim is to deliver a newsletter that promotes creative thought. I hope to celebrate voices from people who have been shouted over and historically underrepresented in the arts.


2019 Issue of Manzano Mountain Review: “Snap Once If You Can Hear Me,” “Snap Twice,” “Snap Three Times.”

2019 Winter Issue of Open Ceilings: “Allergies,” “Zyrtec.” UC Davis: Mechanisms Press.

2019 Literary Anthology The Kerf Seeks: “If Hope is the Thing with Feathers,” “The White Orchid.”

2019 Cholla Needles 30: “The Cat Named Olive,” “Apnea,” ”Appendix,” “Ghost Appendix.”

2019 April Issue (Year IV, Number 23) of Adelaide Literary Magazine: “Bones,” “sea slug,” “When It’s Gone,” “Honey Jars,” “The Artist.”

2019 Cholla Needles 26: “Flooded,” “My Chap,” “Unstuck,” The Santa Ana’s,” “What It Wasn’t Like.”



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Burnt Rice

It’s a broken leg⁠—

as in not my fault, 

the reason I put food 

on the stove and forgot 

it (I) existed 

which is to say that I 

existed once, I think 

I was a fish.


When you called me 

into the room 

to say I burnt the rice, 

I faded blue. More blue

living, bluely dreaming 

of the days I harvested oxygen 

from water, like God. 

c. 2019